Engineers at A1 Double Glazing Repairs  were the 1st approved, trained & licensed company in the UK to offer the Crystal Clear Window Works Sealed unit repair process. Our technicians were some of only a small few that were actually trained in Canada by the people who developed, perfected, tried & tested the process.

Foggy or misted windows represent a huge cost to property owners. These costs rise the longer a sealed unit is allowed to progress under the environmental conditions that create condensation in windows, Even before any visible mist appears, the thermal efficiency of your windows is compromised over time as ”wet” air accumulates in the space between the lites of glass, and conducts heat through the unit, costing you energy Pounds.

The progressive stages of this type of failure begin as a fairly benign mist that adheres to the glass, then as water droplets that travel up and down the glass (leaching chemicals from the glass and components by the way, and depositing mineral residues), then as scarring of the glass and finally, physical damage to glass.

A1 Double Glazing Repairs can restore the beauty of your windows and doors. Restore dry air to your windows to improve insulating performance.

A1 Double Glazing Repairs offer the following services to Residential and Commercial properties.

  • Moisture and Scratch Removal Services
  • Remove moisture in windows
  • Buff out scratches on glass with 3m scratch removal process

Restore the clarity of your glass and the beauty of your windows. Improve thermal performance of units. Thermal Assessment and Window Restoration Services – up to 25% of the average property”s heating and cooling bill travels out the building”s windows and doors.

A1 Double Glazing Repairs technicians are trained and equipped to identify air leaks, areas of heat loss and gain, true seal failures, sources of moisture ingress and retention in the building envelope. Our technicians can even locate other hidden moisture problems around the property to save you much more from hidden, future problems. Sealant, Frame and sash repair, window cleaning, weather-strip installation. Make your whole window look like new and perform and protect the way it should.

Call A1 Double Glazing Repairs today for these great benefits.

A list of our services

  • Brocken Locks
  • Handles & Hinges
  • PVCu & Aluminium Specialists
  • Failed Units & Broken Glass etc

Upgrade your existing frames with:

  • Pilkington ‘K’ Energy glass
  • Warm Edge spacer technology
  • Argon Gas filled units
  • Solar Control Glass
  • Self Cleaning Glass

Upgrade your existing Doors:

  • Improved ABI Compliant locking Systems
  • New Locks & Keys
  • New Handles
  • New Letter Plates
  • New Design Panels


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